What is branding?

The Brand Vs. Branding

Tony the TigerThere is often confusion regarding the difference between the corporate brand and branding. The term “brand” is mistakenly used in place of terms like marketing, advertising or design, which adds to the confusion.

The brand is essentially a trademark: an idea or image that describes a product or service. Often, a brand will include logotype, a distinctive symbol, a tagline or slogan, or sometimes even a spokesperson, whether human or animated (i.e. Ronald McDonald or Tony the Tiger).

Brand Identity

The public expression of a brand – the name, trademark, images and marketing – creates the “brand identity”. The brand owner creates the brand identity, which is the image he/she wishes to project to the public; how he/she wishes the brand to be perceived. This is in contrast to the “brand image”, which is the consumer’s acquired impression of the brand.

Consistency of the brand identity is essential to instill a sense of permanence, value, and quality to the company’s consumer base. Perhaps the most important benefit of a successful brand identity is trust.

Brand Trust

Apple logoThe foundation of all business transacted by a corporation is “brand trust”. It creates the bond between corporation and consumer, transforms consumers into advocates for the brand, and aids in attracting new consumers to the brand. Brand trust is a promise to the public, one that can’t be broken without grave penalty.

If enough trust and communication is built between the corporation and the consumer, the consumer will even identify themselves by the brand itself. “I’m a Mac” is more than a clever slogan. It was an ad campaign centered around the trust that was already built around the Apple brand. Think about that the next time you see an Apple logo on the back of a passing car.

So… What is Branding?

Branding is the marketing of an idea or image, to help reinforce an association with the company and create a greater awareness and advocacy with consumers. Branding is the fulfillment of an expectation. The corporation conditions their consumers to expect satisfaction, and the consumer repays that satisfaction with loyalty. A clearly defined brand identity and a strong brand strategy can earn a corporation a sustainable position in the market.

The core of your corporation’s brand identity – and the ultimate success of your branding efforts – is the logo. Consumers will come to associate their trust and loyalty with the image your corporation projects. Contact Saturn Creative to create a custom logo design that will engender trust and loyalty in your company.