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How to Develop Your Company’s Brand Identity.

If you want your company to stand out among competitors, capture your customers’ attention, and grow your business, you must first understand and develop your brand. Brand identity is all about building and retaining the faith of your customers.

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The power of video marketing.

How important is video marketing to your overall marketing plan? According to Brightcove, a leading global provider of cloud services for video, 76% of consumers cite video as their preferred content source when consuming brand information. Video marketing is … Read More

Email marketing campaigns: 10 tips

“Email has nearly three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined,” according to KissMetrics, a customer intelligence and web analytics company. In fact, it reaches nearly 3 billion people. Email marketing should be a key tactic … Read More

Tips on creating an advertising campaign.

Advertising and promotions is bringing a service to the attention of potential and current customers. They are best carried out by implementing an advertising and promotions plan. The goals of the plan should depend very much on the overall goals … Read More