A new concept.

“A world of difference.” It’s more than a tag-line. It’s our very reason for doing business, and the reason why we’re the smartest choice for your advertising and marketing needs.

Let’s compare a brick and mortar creative firm against freelance designers and programmers. And for good measure, we’ll throw “crowd sourcing” into the mix. And then let’s compare them all to Saturn Creative. We truly are the best of all possible worlds.

Level of benefit       • low       •• mid-level       ••• high

Only Saturn Creative gets high marks for all of these possible benefits.

First, let’s define our terms:

Brick and Mortar

A brick and mortar creative agency is one that exists in a building with offices. They employ a staff, who usually get health and other benefits.


Freelancers are usually a sole proprietorship, with no employees. Usually, they don’t have formal offices.

Crowd Sourcing

Crowd sourcing is a relatively new term. The internet has opened up the world for outsourcing design and programming needs.

Saturn Creative

The best of all worlds. Now let’s review the benefits:

Lower costs of overhead

Saturn Creative is a virtual company. Now, for many people, the term “virtual company” sounds like a non-company. But with virtual companies like TreeHugger being sold for 10 million dollars, it’s clear that the company still holds its value. In this case, the fact that there are no formal offices simply means that we can do more for less, saving you money.

Creative agencies have huge overhead costs, including rent or mortgage, health benefits, workers comp, and much more. Freelancers mitigate these costs by working out of a home office or sharing office space, and they use independent contractors when needed. A designer may bring in a programmer on a project, for example. Crowd sourcing is generally the lowest priced option, but it offers little in the way of art direction, project management, or accountability. Only Saturn Creative can offer a lower cost solution without losing any of the benefits of a brick and mortar creative agency.

Large talent pool

A brick and mortar creative agency can have 2 to 20 designers. Crowd sourcing offers an enormous talent pool, but with no art direction… you get what you get. Freelancers generally offer no diversity of talent. Saturn Creative has a very large pool of talent to diversify the work and offers a large variety of services.

Talent is vetted

A creative agency will usually have a core group of designers that are highly qualified. As where some freelancers are extremely talented, there are many that are not capable of art directing themselves, managing a project properly or completing a job to satisfaction (if at all). Crowd sourcing a job means you’ll never meet your designer, you never know what you’re going to get, and you generally pay in advance. Saturn Creative has vetted its talent base, through professional relationships and personal connection.

Lower talent liability on projects

Simply put, if a creative agency loses an employee, they often need time to recover, slowing down production. A freelancer may never complete the work if tragedy strikes. Crowd sourcing projects are usually finite, like a logo design, and as such don’t suffer from such concerns. Similarly, Saturn Creative can pull another talent from its diverse pool and production stays on schedule, even on large and complicated projects.

Directed project management

Good agencies generally excel at project management. Some freelancers are skilled in this process, some are not, but regardless, the more successful they become the harder it is to manage all projects. And with crowd sourcing, the client has to manage their own project. At Saturn Creative, there is always a stable core of project management, regardless of how many projects there are or talents involved. Our online project architecture is second to none. We can even give our clients access to our online project time-line, allowing them to “check in”, observe project milestones, deliver digital files, and more.

Art direction

The benefits of art direction are reflected in the paragraph above, with creative agencies generally excelling, freelancers being moderate, and again, the client needs to art direct their own projects. Saturn Creative has a Creative Director with many years of experience, who can rely on the diverse talent pool to offer up exceptional work, which in turn will be molded to the client’s needs.


See the above paragraph.

Broad spectrum of services offered

Generally, only a creative agency can offer a wide range of services. Most freelancers, as where perhaps talented, generally only excel at a handful of disciplines. Crowd sourcing offers no variety, as you reach a completely different talent pool for every service you seek; there is no consistent relationship. Saturn Creative has a diverse talent pool with a myriad of skill sets, from video production to traditional design to interactive programming.

We have what you need, all under one virtual roof.